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Fly, swim, and sail your way on a magical journey through a child’s imagination. There are a few sticky moments in the tentacles of a purple octopus, and a daring escape from a tall cliff. This interactive book of incredible beauty will entertain and enchant young children and their parents. We all need a reminder that everyone needs a place to escape to, and wishes can come true. Winner of the 2007 DragonPencil Award for Superior Illustration


“In My Own World is an enchanting book that would be a wonderful gift for a family who is struggling with a child with an ASD. As you read the story you realize that you are taking a mystical trip through the imaginary world of a child. Michelle Weisen is an English professor and was inspired to write this book for her friend’s child with autism. Her friend had expressed concern that her son was “in his own world”. The pages are beautiful photographs that a child is sure to enjoy. My own son liked looking and talking about the photographs. He especially liked the octopus! The book pages are sturdy and will withstand lots of use. Thank you again for the opportunity to review your”

“With stunning imagery and creative prose, Michelle has captured the very essence of a unique, beloved, special child. The imagination that Michelle brings to this artistic and poetic feat, serves as a powerful reminder that each of us has unique gifts, talents, and contributions to make during our short journeys here.”

”I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job everyone did with this small but amazing book. I have shared it with all my colleagues and friends, and will place an order for several copies this fall to share with the staff in the autistic program. This book not only illustrates the world in which autistic children live each day, but also lets us know that we need to be as much a part of their world as we want them to be a a part of ours. The book brought a smile to my face an joy to my soul. Thank you so very much.”

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"This app is a great communication vehicle for members and is very convenient to use. It is also a great promotional tool to let our fans know when and where we are playing and best of all, we can sell our music through the app—awesome! ”

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