iBleed is a patient-oriented factor tracking application for the iPhone and iPod Touch designed by and for people living with Hemophilia. It offers users a simple and convenient method for tracking factor infusions and calculating the resulting factor levels over time.The app graphically displays the current and predicted factor levels, and calculates optimum dose size and timing based on current inventory and user data. This tool will provide useful information to the patient to help in making informed decisions about treatment. It encourages independence by providing useful information, not just reminders.

iBleed was developed as part of a research project for the University of Texas Gulf States Hemophilia Treatment Center, and funded by a grant from Pfizer Hemophilia. Pfizer does not collect any information from this app, and it will work equally well on all brands of factor.


"This app is a great communication vehicle for members and is very convenient to use. It is also a great promotional tool to let our fans know when and where we are playing and best of all, we can sell our music through the app—awesome! ”

Arina Bureeva, Guitarist, Member of
Sacramento Guitar Society