The Essipro application gives the users a virtual tour of the various kinds of lenses manufactured by Essilor with high-end graphics and animation. It helps the customers understand their eye sight problems, their symptoms and finally helps them choose the right lens for themselves. Users can view and compare the features of various lenses and get a virtual demo of the advantages of each lens. The application has easy-to-use interface and functionality that keeps the users engaged. Besides, it also facilitates the store managers dealing in Essilor lenses to serve their customers better.

  • Explains product benefits with smart graphics, images and animation
  • Gives a virtual demo of the advantages of each lens
  • A highly intuitive and interactive interface which keeps the customers engaged
  • Graphics, Charts and Tables to showcase product advantages and compare products


"This app is a great communication vehicle for members and is very convenient to use. It is also a great promotional tool to let our fans know when and where we are playing and best of all, we can sell our music through the app—awesome! ”

Arina Bureeva, Guitarist, Member of
Sacramento Guitar Society