Branded QR Codes

Customize your colors and brand image with a unique QR code designed by Apptology. QR codes are a great marketing tool that communicates your branding by connecting directly to any online destination like an app store, a website, landing page or video when scanned.

QR Code Examples


"Apptology contacted us about doing a restaurant app for one of our restaurants. We were very skeptical, as we have been solicited by many firms to produce an app. The common theme, it was going to be very expensive. Apptology not only made it affordable, but extremely easy to set up. We have full control of our mobile site which makes it very convenient for us to makes changes to our app. We love having this new tool to interact with our guests! We are just getting it off the ground, but are thrilled with the response from our guests."

Thank you! Sincerely,

Karoline Platt, Owner, Sienna Restaurant