iOS 10 from a Developer’s Perspective

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Apple will be pushing out iOS 10 this Tuesday, September 13, 2016.  As usual, Apple is declaring that this will be the biggest update ever…but I think they say that about every release.  With that said, there a few interesting updates on iOS 10 from a developer’s perspective.

Apple’s iMessage as a Platform

The focus on iOS 10 seems to be Apple’s iMessage App which according to Apple is the most used app on the iPhone.  Apple is actually creating an App Store just for the iMessage App which essentially makes it a platform.  Apple has already released 4 iMessages app ahead of the release of iOS 10.   I see this as play to make iMessage more competitive against WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.  It will be interesting what applications that third party developers will come up with and the different use cases that will be developed.

Siri Open to Developers

As a developer, when of the interesting a new feature is that Apple is allowing Siri to be used in the development of apps.  We’ve already seen a couple of request for apps to be developed that will leverage Siri’s voice recognition software.

Ability to Remove Apple Built in Apps

The surprising announcement with iOS 10 is that Apple is allowing the user to delete built in apps that come with the iPhone including iBooks, Maps, and FaceTime.  The full list of built in apps can be found here.   This is interesting for developers because if they have developed an app that competes with one of Apple’s built in apps, the user has the ability to delete Apple’s own competing app.  I’ve looked over the iOS 10 developer’s documentation and what it doesn’t state is if you can make a competing app the default function.  For example, if delete Apple’s Map App, and tap on directions in Yelp, will it launch Waze?

3D Touch

Apple launched 3D Touch in iOS 9 which works with iPhone 6s and above.  With iOS 10, Apple is allowing 3D Touch support for third party applications.

In closing, I can’t really say if this the hype from Apple that this is the biggest release ever, but from a developer’s standpoint, it’s pretty interesting and gives us more tools to be innovative.

By Rich Foreman, CEO / Apptology and Director of Startup Grind Sacramento. Rich co-authored the book Tap into the Mobile Economy and his blog has been listed in the Top 20 Mobile Marketing Blogs of 2014.  Follow Rich on Twitter at@ApptologyCEO or attend a Startup Grind Sacramento Event.


Announcements from Apple’s WWDC Keynote 2016

Image Source: Mac Rumors

On June 13th 2016, Apple’s first day of its annual WWDC Keynote Conference  was held in San Francisco, CA making some new and exciting announcements to its four pillars: watchOS (Apple Watch), tvOS (Apple TV), OS X (macOS), and iOS (iPhone/iPads). The event will continue until the 17th of June. Most of these items and updates will launch during Fall of this year.

watchOS 3 Updates

-Upgraded app downloads for optimized performance

-Dock interface that allows users to easily manage multiple apps that are open

-New and improved faces for watch

-Face exchange allowing users to cycle between watch faces based on preference

-New “Scribble” function allowing easy fingertip swiping

-Advanced support for wheelchair users

Image Source: Gadgets Global

tvOS Updates

-“Single Sign in” eliminates having to manually login to each AppleTV app

-“Dark Mode” for night owls or those that prefer a dim looking screen

-Automatically downloads associated AppleTV app after downloading iPhone video app

-Advanced “Siri Voice” search capabilities

Image Source: multimedia.bbycastatic

iPhone Updates

-iPhone now has remote control capabilities

-Emulates touchpad letting users to easily manage AppleTV’s Interface

-Utilize iPhone’s keyboard on AppleTV

-Gyroscope now can be used as a game controller

-Advanced lock screen and 3D touch support; “deep press” for more app details and simply move body away from phone to lock

-Automatic voicemail transcriptions

iPhone Updates

-New “Swift Playgrounds” allows users to get their feet wet in coding by offering how-tos, tutorials, and user-friendly lectures for the building blocks of app development

Image Source: 9to5mac

OS X Updates

-Rebranding OS X to simply macOS  (first name change in over a decade)

-Upcoming OS will be called macOS Sierra

-Auto-unlocking capabilities; Sierra can detect when you’re next to it by identifying your iPhone or watchOS

-copy and paste between any device; copy something from iPhone and paste into Sierra

-Advanced storage space reduction capabilities; removes temp files, old mail, etc. while auto-downloading when needed

Apple Pay integration allowing complete secure and anonymous transactions with fingerprint authentication

Picture in Picture (PIP) allowing seamless window management; watch YouTube while working without taking up space on screen

-Advanced “Siri Voice” capabilities; from generic to complex queries

-Debut of iOS 10; Craig Federighi said it will be “the biggest iOS release for users ever”

Image Source: CultofMac

Widget Updates

-Access an app’s widgets by 3D touching its icon

Siri Voice Updates

-Integrates Siri Voice for 3rd party apps

QuickType Updates

-If someone asks via SMS, “What will the weather be like this week?” QuickType will conduct an automated search and provide an accurate response

VoIP Updates

-Skype and WhatsApp will now be integrated eliminating outdated notifications when people call

Map Updates

-Maps will now have the ability to access your schedule and whereabouts to provide accurate directions

“Extensions” enabling users to integrate 3rd party apps to easily call Uber for example

Image Source: SearchEngineLand

Apple Music Updates

-Better appearance and easier navigation capabilities

HomeKit Updates

-The standard app for smart home/IoT devices now has features such as “Night Mode” that automatically locks your doors and dims the lights

iMessage Updates

-Online previews of links rather than an ugly url code

-Auto-emoji matching with text; type in “happy” and a correlating emoji will pop up

-Invisible ink; messages that will only appear when you allow via swipe

-3rd party access; allowing developers to incorporate their use into messages. For example, pay a recipient within messages via Square Cash


If you do decide to use “Swift Playgrounds” to develop your own mobile app, check out the 5 challenges commonly experienced by a modern appreneur to stay ahead of the curve. We don’t know about you, but we are excited for Fall to experience Apple’s new products firsthand. Check out Apple’s official website for more information and ordering process!



By Rich Foreman, CEO / Apptology and Director of Startup Grind Sacramento. Rich co-authored the book Tap into the Mobile Economy and his blog has been listed in the Top 20 Mobile Marketing Blogs of 2014.  Follow Rich on Twitter at@ApptologyCEO or attend a Startup Grind Sacramento Event.

Quick Summary of iOS 8 Enhancements


If you didn’t have a chance to view the WWDC Live Stream, Apple unveiled iOS 8 and OS 10.10 (Yosemite).  Since we’re focused on mobile apps, I’m highlighting the upcoming iOS 8 features which is expected to roll out in the fall.

HealthThis collects information from different health apps and creates one dashboard.  This seems similar to their  Passbook App.

Homekit:  This is standard for common protocol that can be used for controlling external devices in the home.

Extensibility:  Allows apps to share functionality with other apps.

Family Sharing:  Allows for 6 family members to share  their purchases on iTunes.

Photos:  Improved sharing of photos across devices along with a new cloud base storage model.

iMessage :  Improved messaging to make it more competitive to services like WhatsApp

Interactive Notifications :  Allows users to respond to messages directly from the notification banner

QuickType :  Introduces Predictive Text where keyboard is able to learn your writing style and offer suggestions (can’t wait to see how this compares to auto correct).

iCloud :  More robust iCloud to take on Dropbox and Google Drive

Greater Connectivity within Apple Devices:  Greater sync between apple devices (iPhone, iPads, and Mac) in conjunction with Yosemite.

Spotlight:  New search tool that takes location and context into account.

Enhanced SDK:  Apple touts this as the biggest release for developers.  There’s actually a lot of stuff here and we’re still digesting it.  I’ll talk about this in a future blog.

Enterprise Enhancements:  Apple introduced several Enterprise enhancements specifically towards security, productivity, and enhancements.

In future blogs, we will dig deeper into iOS 8 upgrades.